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Happy Birthday Tricefy 💞

Happy Birthday Tricefy 💞

Today our amazing baby, Tricefy turns ten years old! This is an incredibly special day for me. Ten years ago we launched Tricefy. It is amazing to be celebrating the last decade in business with my fantastic co-founders Åsa Nordgren and Martin Westin. The journey began in 2009 with our first version of Tricefy, that was called Mobile Baby (see attached press-release and articles, May 14, 2009). Reflecting back on Trice’s history, I’m glad we didn’t know how difficult it was going to be to revolutionize the medical imaging industry, sometimes, ”ignorance is bliss.”

Words can not begin to express my gratitude to Åsa and Martin, and our fantastic team. Since day one, ten years ago, we have stuck to our vision and strategy to be embedded in every imaging device. We have also stuck to our purpose to bring quality of care for people regardless of who and where they are, through all the roadblocks and battles.

As of today, Tricefy is embedded in many leading imaging devices and is available in 40 countries. Since the launch of the first version of Tricefy in 2009, Tricefy has handled over 100 M imaging transactions. But, her journey has just begun to become the game changer she can be for people in difficult health situations. Medical imaging is one of mankind’s greatest innovations. A vital diagnostic tool in most severe health issues.

Unfortunately, only two-thirds of the world’s population have access to diagnostic imaging. We have big plans to fill this gap and help more people get access to imaging analysis as well as an opportunity to get a second opinion from the best doctors in the world through her.

As she grows bigger, she will help more doctors save lives in severe trauma cases, save more trees and help more associations and research organizations build their libraries on difficult cases. Her technology will become more and more intelligent so she can assist her users to do better diagnoses and provide better quality of care for their patients.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful baby, Tricefy. I’m looking forward to seeing you grow even more beautiful in the upcoming years so you can become who you are meant to be.

Thank you team Trice, our amazing partners, customers, distributors, and my second family, Åsa Nordgren and Martin Westin for sticking by this fun, challenging, crazy and sometimes scary journey! 🎈🎉❤️🙏🎂

P.S Photo credit to Monica Kane Stewart who took this cool founders pictures of us.

How do you create a product that your customers fall in love with?

How do you create a product that your customers fall in love with?

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What most of us don’t realize is that creating a product that is loved by your customers is as important as selling it to generate revenues. The key to the ultimate success of any business is knowing your customer and providing catered solutions that fix their problems.  I learned many things over the years building Tricefy and coaching other software and hardware companies how to create a stand-out product.


Here are some of my tips:

  • Create a user-friendly and visually appealing product. If you are selling online, your interface should also follow the same norms.
  • Try to simplify every workflow!!  Eliminate steps by taking away features rather than adding new ones.
  • To make the training and adaptation of the system easier, steal with proud features/behaviors/workflows from modern consumer product like Google Drive, Facebook, etc.
  • Innovation is not instant. It takes lots of lead bullets to make a silver bullet. Don’t chase brilliant one-offs when seeking innovation.  It’s best to be very open-minded when launching a product so that you can build in customer feedback and adapt and learn from your user’s behavior.
  • Provide a wow element with the design, usability or business model and keep on providing wow element with every new big feature or product your company launches.
  • It very important when you launching a new product that you simplify the market message, you literally have 2 seconds to get the customer to understand your product, so present very easy use cases.
  • Don’t forget that the user buys the feeling you provide them with. So create visual stories and marketing that attract your target customers and leave them feeling good about their choice.
  • Engage with your customers and ask them what the need and what they think.
  • Monitor your customer’s digital behavior and learns what works and not works.
  • Be fast, flexible and ready to adapt to the market needs.
  • Give back and contribute to social causes.